Our Mission: To enable excellence by providing our clients with optimal, innovative and reliable solutions and services.

Our Vision: To be the most dynamic, systematic and capable management consulting and technology solutions partner of choice in our chosen markets.

Our collaboration model and our target are fully focused on your success!

Our reliability as well as our impressive number of accomplishments are what make ARINT one of the most top-level regional System Integrator in the region.

Our integration and operating methods are consistent with the industry’s best practices and are based on an efficient combination of onshore and offshore resources which guarantees you one of the best TCO in the market place.

The market demand for technology System Integrator for large scale projects has grown significantly during the past 10 years. The exponential growth has been driven by the release of new technologies and smart solutions, which require integration to ensure operability and maximum benefit. In addition, many of the traditional systems that have operated manually for building management have shifted to become technology enabled.

ARINT has responded to the increased demand on technology in the Middle East region and leveraged its capabilities in Systems Integration and the implementation of IT infrastructure solutions, to offer end-to-end IT solutions . Capitalizing on its skilled team i, hundreds of successful implementations, ARINT has been known as a top-level regional System Integrator.